Things To Do

Following are some of the reasons why the surrounding vicinity of The Palms hotel, becomes an addiction, a wonderful holiday gateway and a paradise on earth for many who’ve been here. Let’s explore the surrounding locality which is being filled by truly inspiring landmarks, significant archaeological sites and an engaging neighbourhood inspired by wonderful personalities.

Kosgoda Turtle hatchery and conservation

This is one of the pioneering turtle conservations projects in Sri Lanka. This is approximately a 15 minutes ride from the hotel. With its inception in 1988, this project’s aim has been to monitor local sea turtle activity and conserve nesting sites. This hatchery has helped maximized the number of hatchlings getting through their vulnerable stages and reaching the sea.

Beruwala Fishing Harbor

A visit to the Beruwala fishing harbor will provide the opportunity for guests to experience a traditional fish market. This loud and lively fish market is brightened by the colourful fishing boats that come to offload the previous night’s catch. It is the ideal place to visit to buy fresh seafood. The fishing harbor is approximately a 15 minute ride from the hotel.

Beruwala Lighthouse

This functional and well maintained lighthouse is located in the picturesque Barberyn island, off the Beruwala beach. It is accessible by boat and would take approximately 10 minutes from the Beruwala shores. Total time taken to the local is approximately 25 minutes. It provides 360 degree views of the Beruwala area.

China Fort

China fort is the gem trading fair in the Beruwala area. For many generations it has been a gem trading location where foreign merchants came to trade valuable gems. It is approximately 20 minutes by vehicle.

Water Sports

The Bentota river is the ideal location for a wide variety of water sports. It is approximately 10 minutes ride to Bentota from the hotel.

Kande Viharaya

This temple is approximately 10 minutes away from the hotel and as the name suggests is situated on a high elevated location and is a famous temple which attracts many believers. The temple also has a Vishnu Kovil.


Ambalangoda is approximately 40 minute drive from the hotel. Amabalangoda is famous for moonstones and mask designing. The mask designing factories use the age old techniques of mask making and incorporate traditional designs in making the colourful and vibrant masks.

Galle Fort

The Galle Fort is famous for its rich history. It was first built by the Portuguese and then further fortified by the Dutch. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. The architecture and ambiance of the area bears the trademarks of both the Portuguese and Dutch. It is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes drive from the hotel and is a must visit tourist destination.