Where ever you are, whether you are holidaying or just carrying on with your daily routine, maintaining your healthy rhythm is really important, and that's why we have stored our gymnasium with all the latest equipments, with an instructor to help you stay in the pink of health.

Swimming pool

Our still blues are maintained with utmost care to let you dip in to the waters anytime you have a craving for a swim. While you take a dive in your laps of pleasure, let the kids enjoy and splash around in our kid's pool, where our life guards keep an eye on them leaving you to your happiness.


Life can be pretty stressful, and a holiday could be the only time where you can focus on yourself. Under the immaculate management of the renowned trademark Coco Spa, the expert Barlini therapists will gently navigate their skilled fingertips slowly releasing the worries and burdens of your life.

Pool and Snooker

Got game for snooker? Snooker is one of the most popular billiards games in the world, and at Palms we've accommodate the game to spice up the regular pool table scenario with this fun and engaging game. But if you wish to stick with the old charms the regular billiard space is always ready for your gaming spirit.

Table Tennis

Pick up your Table Tennis paddle and gear up to Lob, slam, spin and spike your way to victory. The tables are set, and the only element that is lacking here is the energised you and your opponent. So while you are making yourself at home in Palms take a walk on to this side, and let's see, how much of game you've got in you.

Beach Volleyball

Immunizes life back into you, enjoy a game of Volley ball under the shade of the greenery, no doubt it will make you feel absolutely wonderful, allowing you to relax your muscles under the influence of new friendships, feather light sprit, cooling atmosphere and joy of the spirit of the game.